Development of double-antibody sandwich ELISA for rapidly quantitative detection of antigen concentration in inactivated SCRV vaccine

Publication date: Available online 5 November 2019

Source: Aquaculture

Author(s): Yinjie Niu, Peng Zhang, Luyao Wang, Ningqiu Li, Qiang Lin, Lihui Liu, Hongru Liang, Zhibin Huang, Xiaozhe Fu


In recent years, Siniperca chuatsi rhabdovirus (SCRV) caused serious threats and huge economic losses in Siniperca chuatsi aquaculture industry. Vaccination is the most efficacious and cost-effective strategy to control this viral disease. However, SCRV-QY vaccine quality control is vital for successful prevention. Herein, we generated a pair of high affinity antibodies against SCRV-QY virus and established a double-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (DAS-ELISA) for detecting the SCRV-QY antigen amounts. In this assay, monoclonal antibody 4H8 was selected as capture antibody and 4E12 labeled HRP for detector antibody. A standard curve was generated using the SCRV concentration versus OD value with the linear range of concentration of 78.125∼5000 ng/ml. The antigen content of 3 batches SCRV-QY inactivated vaccines were quantitatively detected by using the DAS-ELISA. The results showed that antigen contents of SCRV-QY inactivated vaccines were positively correlated with the viral titers. In conclusion, this DAS-ELISA was a accurate, quick and efficacious method for detecting antigen concentration of inactivated SCRV-QY vaccines.

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