Journal of Applied Ichthyology

Length-weight and length-length relationships of four small fishes from the Atrai River, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

Length-weight (LWRs) and length-length relationships (LLRs) were determined for four fish species collected from the Atari River in Dinajpur of Bangladesh. Sampling took place monthly between January and June 2016, using seine nets of commercial fishermen (mesh size 4 mm). In LWRs (r2 > .927, p < .05), slope (b) was estimated as 3.191, 2.992, 3.217 and 3.109 for Acanthocobitis botia, Botia lohachata, Canthophrys gongota and Chanda nama, respectively. In LLRs (r2 > .812, p < .05), lengths i.e. TL, SL, HL and FL were highly correlated. The present study on these species would be the baseline for FishBase dataset.