Ichthyoplankton of the Southern Waters of the North Atlantic: 1. Morphology in Poorly-Studied Larvae of Coastal Species

The larvae and/or juveniles of coastal species were found in the composition of oceanic ichthyoplankton sampled during the 43rd expedition of R/V “Akademik Vavilov” in the southern waters of the North Atlantic. These fish included insufficiently-studied taxonomic forms from five families: Myripristis jacobus (Holocentridae), Ctenogobius sp., Gobionellus oceanicus, Gobioides grahamae (Gobiidae), Eleotris sp. 1., Dorminator maculatus (Eleotridae), Spariosoma sp. 1 (Scaridae), and Pontinus nematophthalmus, (Scorpaenidae). The paper presents illustrated descriptions of these forms and discusses the problems of their identification.

Glossaire technique

Art d'attribuer le nom scientifique correct à un spécimen.
Toute unité taxinomique (telle qu'une famille, un sous-genre, une espèce...